Over and Out

So for my PR in Agriculture class we had to set up a blog.  And if you are reading this, well this is the blog that I have set up. I posted an update on here once a week for the past semester.  Over this semester I have learned so much in this class, not only about public relations. But also how most social media works and is effective.

The first rule is post stuff people want to see!

There are bunch of other rules but the next one is:

You have to post frequently; to keep a good audience!

That rule is the straw that is going to break this camel’s back. I am sorry to inform my followers; if I have any religious one, this will be my final post on Mr. Kephart the 3rd. It has been a good run and I have enjoyed informing people on different and new aspects of agriculture. I believe I have done justice in all of my post to give an insight to agriculture that farmers and the public want to see. Some of these may be a new technology or completely different technique. While other posts have talked about the numerous guess speakers we have had the privilege of talking to. So again thank you all that have followed me on this journey and I hope maybe some of these post will give you new perspective, or a fresh look at things.

Signing off, Mr. Kephart the 3rd over and out!


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