Spring Break

Well spring break has officially started; and I am ready for the break! Well the break from school at least. I will be going home to work on the farm, instead of heading to the south like most of my fellow college friends. It is a busy time on the family farm, but I have also made plan to head north for two days to see all the fraternity brothers I left at Northwest Missouri State when I transferred this past semester.

On the farm; calving season has formally started. One of the twenty “breed” cows has popped out the first baby.  Everything went well even though we had nearly 20 inches of snow on the ground.  The first calf is a heifer.  The calf got the colostrum in the first twenty-four hours on its’ own making our job as farmers easy. As for the rest of break I will just be feeding and fixing fence on the back 40 acres. Pretty easy stuff if everything goes as planned.

Now, for the fun part of my spring break! I will be making the two and a half hour trek north to reunite with all the brothers I left for academics. Yes college is for scholastics but I had some great times with the men of Delta Chi. It broke my heart to leave that great fraternity after only a year and a half of being a member.  However, I am more than excited to spend a couple of days and nights at “The House”. These guys will probably heckle me about the transfer but in the end I will most likely make some more unforgettable memories!

Mixer with Delta Chi & Tri Sigma

Well, that about sums up my spring break. I am thrilled to spend time with my family and my brothers at Delta Chi. It should make for a busy and entertaining week, but also a week free of school work … besides this.


One thought on “Spring Break

  1. As I was reading your post I was thinking to myself “I had a similar spring break.” I went home to the family farm and spent time with my new nephew and finally got to take a break from school work. My favorite part of your post was the “… besides this.” I literally laughed out loud because I felt your pain. The only assignment I had over spring break was writing my blog post. Well I hope you enjoyed your spring break, I know I did.

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