Control is Everything

John Deere is setting the pace on new and updated agriculture management solutions.  There are many great new and/or improved technologies they have produced. John Deere Section Control is one of the technologies chosen by the company to improve for this year. Active Implement Guidance; and Satellite Module are another two advancements that go hand and hand to improve the John Deere brand and their farming equipment; as well as, the machine sync technology. These new technologies will change farming for the better.

The section control is a huge improvement for farmers; this will allow them to get the most out of their acreages. It saves the farmers from wasting seed and fertilizer by giving precise measurements of what supplies it will take to cover their land.  This is good because both seed and fertilizer products are increasing in price. The technology is available for sprayers, planters, and other specific equipment and runs off of active implement guidance, which maximizes the effectiveness of section control.  The active implement guidance is run off of GPS signals, which will allow the machinery to work at the most effective level. The sync technology will be great for the farmer that does multiple fields of harvesting because it will cut down on the spillage and stress of the drivers. The sync will also help reduce the usage of fuel and wait time.

These new technologies are increasing the effectiveness for farmers and the equipment that they use to produce the product of our toil. These technologies in the long run will have an abundant return for the farmers who buy in to the products. The new equipment will save them on the raw materials they have to purchase; while maximizing the use of their land and the return on the crops.   In the end this is a leap forward in the eyes of row crop farmers.


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