School is Cool

Over the past few weeks in my class, public relations in agriculture, we have had three guest speakers come in to give us more information on social media and its effects on business. The first speaker was a lady from Monsanto Seed Company, she spoke to us about a few strategies and how we can improve our social networking skills. The second was a Missouri State Agriculture Communications major graduate that is now working for Ozarks Farm & Neighbor magazine. She explained some business strategies they are now using in her market. Lastly, the third speaker was a student from the same class last year; she has taken what she learned and applied it to her work place, here in Springfield. I will be going over five main aspects from these speakers that have really impacted my thoughts on social media and networking and how it affects business.

The first aspect that really caught my eye was from our Ozark Farm & Neighbor speaker. She brought about the fact that you need to post regularly to keep your name in front of people; you want your name or the company’s name to appear on people’s minifeed.  She came in to this magazine and the Facebook for the company had been lagging on this aspect. She talked about how after they have been keeping up with posting, the number of followers they have acquired has gone up.

The second thing that caught my attention was the Monsanto speaker brought up, “Twitter Dock”. This is an application that I had not heard about. It seems like a great idea for businesses because it allows you to schedule post for times of the day that social media gets the most traffic. Sounds like a great marketing tool to me!

The third speaker from our class brought up the fact that you need to interact with your followers and not just be all about “me”.  This is so the followers stay interested even when there isn’t a promotion.  Also, this will keep the followers coming back to your page just to see what you are saying for the day.

Fourth; all the speakers brought up, you need pictures! This was huge because it will draw in people to look at the picture, ‘because it is worth a thousand words’, and then they will read the caption. Having pictures is a strategy that will bring in more of an audience because people are more likely to share a photo; when they share, all of their friends will see the picture as well; this leads to getting your name out and obtaining more of a following.

Fifth and final, Social media can be a game changer for businesses! This is a testimony from the third speaker; she took the knowledge she gained from this class and helped to double the income of the business she worked for. She claims it is not all the social media, but I’m sure it has to have a little something to do with the boost.

These were just five of the highlights from the three great speakers we have had. I’m sure there will be many great speakers to come.  With them I hope I will gain a greater knowledge of social media and networking and the positive effects it can have on business.

Do you have any tips for networking or using social media?


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