Making a Statement

Over the past few years farmers and agriculture, in general have had much scrutiny from environmentalists, nutrition as well as, animal welfare activists, bio-fuels critics and congressional budget-cutters.  But Chrysler Group LLC’s Dodge Ram tried to put a different view of the “farmer” in the eyes of America during a two minute Super Bowl commercial.

This was a commercial that displayed a plethora of still shots taken on farms across America. These pictures came from the present and past. They showed the “farmer”: plowing, combining, feeding, selling produce, praying, and sitting down with his family for supper. These were not just the older framers either; it showed younger generations on the farm.

They added the famous speech from Paul Harvey, ‘So God Made a Farmer’ as a voice over. Paul Harvey was a big radio name in agriculture and was a favorite of agvocators everywhere. He first gave this speech at the Future Farmers of America 1978 convention. This was a voice over that gave a more friendly look at the “farmer”. It portrayed the “farmer” as a gentle yet strong individual. This voice over also shows them as an individual that care for their career and are compassionate for what they do.

This video made many farmers happy at the way they were portrayed on national television. As compared to being attacked by other groups. This video was accepted so well that it went viral. It collected over 4 million views on youtube. But some farmers disliked the ending of the commercial because it had a dodge truck sitting in front of a confinement facility.  Overall I feel that it did justice to putting the true “farmer” back in the American eye.

Chrysler Group LLC’s Dodge Ram stepped up in portraying the framer this year not only by displaying this commercial to 108.4 million television viewers. They have also agreed to donate up to a million dollars to the FFA. They are donating based on the number of shares the commercial receives on social media.  SO GET OUT THERE AND SHARE IT!

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